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Freelance Writer

I am a freelance copywriter for hire with an extensive background in white hat SEO, professional deliverables, and academic essays. Whether you need a ghostwriter, a guest blogger, a technical writer, website copywriter, or a general article rewriter, I have both the education and experience necessary to achieve your personal or organizational goals. I traveled the world throughout my childhood as an American military brat; I hold multiple degrees in fields from business to engineering to the social sciences, and I have attended DeVry University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and College of Southern Nevada; I am a polyglot and a polymath, and you would be hard pressed to find my unique combination of skill, experience, and perspective in another writer. Please feel free to check out my blog, which can provide you additional insight into just what level of skill in copywriting I possess and can offer you.

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à Ever Wonder Why Your Search Rankings Are not the Best?


à At a Loss to Explain Why Conversion Rates Are Low?


à Did You Outsource Your Web Marketing and Want to Fix What They Broke?




Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is no longer about who can produce the most keyword laden text at the lowest rate. Usability and concepts of quality are now more important than ever since they began playing a central role in search engine ranking after such Google updates as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. I view content creation from a holistic standpoint and take the time to assess each and every piece of text for appropriateness relative to audience, medium, and semantic context both individually and relative to strategic goals. If you want to survive the next Google update, you have little alternative but to find a freelance web article writer of high quality to plan and implement your web content management strategy. Your search to find a ghostwriter need go no further. Simply email me for an SEO analysis and recommendations for optimization from a white hat standpoint with no slick tricks that will get you penalized later.




Constant Content


The concept of constant content as a service is something that is becoming central to the frontline operations of online providers in a wide range of industries. How-To articles, numbered lists, briefings, Wikipedia articles, press releases, ghost blogs, guest blogs, social media activity, and sales copy all play a role in an effective web content management strategy. By providing guides or supplemental information relative to a given industry, it is possible to help consumers save time and money by helping those with the DIY spirit to do simple tasks themselves. Establishing yourself as a solutions authority, regardless of what sector you operate in, is the best way to build long-lasting loyalty in your client base. Feel free tocontact me for:


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The need to have compelling deliverables produced for business or professional settings requires an understanding of many formats and standards. For people that do not have a secretary in their budgets, I can produce charts, graphs, Power Point presentations, memos, briefings, e-mails, inter- and intra- organizational communications, as well as press releases. There is no need to search and sort through templates or struggle with appropriate tone, readability, and data density. I have degrees and years of experience in business and engineering, which provides me special insight into how organizations operate, whether they are strategic, tactical, or operations level deliverables that you need produced. Feel free to email me for consultations and estimates.

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à Power Point presentations

à memos

à briefings

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à press releases






“I Need someone to help write my essay!”


“What is a Bibliography?”


“How do I find reliable sources?”


“What is a CV?”



Editing, advice, and assistance in university or college level essay writing is something I am pleased to offer people with proclivities and talents that lead them to specializations in areas outside of scholarly writing. Everyone has their own special gifts to offer society, but not everyone can claim the ability to write effectively for school as one of their strengths. Regardless of research topic, I can help write an essay that you will be proud to submit to your professor as a unique, organized, and informative work that represents your abilities, unfettered by inexperience with effective authorship concepts. Send me an email for a quote.



“Absolutely fantastic writer, highly skilled! Stating he provided excellent content that exceeded my expectations, is an understatement! Thanks.” 

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